Amanda Cahill

Amanda Cahill

Saturday and Sunday presenter and workshops

Centre for social change

Amanda Cahill is the Director and Founder of the Centre for Social Change. She founded the Centre because she is inspired by the many people around the world who are already making the world a better place to live and wants to support those doing good to do even better.

Amanda has spent nearly two decades working on community development projects in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Timor-Leste and Indigenous Australia. Her work has touched on a range of areas including community enterprise development, health promotion, climate change adaptation, appropriate technology and women’s empowerment. Her PhD in Human Geography examined the political implications of a strengths-based approach to local economic development in the Philippines.

Amanda is passionate about engaging people around issues that are important to them and is particularly interested in looking for new ways to engage communities and with people wanting to explore alternative approaches to local economic development both within Australia and Internationally.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology (University of Queensland), a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (University of Queensland), and a PhD in Human Geography from the Australian National University.