Audrey de Witte

Saturday Workshop

Coping with loss through life’s transitions: From birth to death, life is a series of change and transitions.  Any kind of change brings with it some kind of loss.  Learning to cope with loss helps us transition in a healthy and positive way, enabling a full and well lived life

Audrey was born in Gloucester and grew up on a dairy farm where she developed a deep connection to the earth and learnt the importance of living in harmony with the environment.  A driving passion of Audrey’s is helping people develop their full potential so that they become the person they want to be. This passion has led her to become a professional Counsellor and opening and operating her own private counselling practice in the Newcastle area, where she lives with her husband Doug.  Audrey specialises in Loss, Grief, Bereavement, and Trauma Counselling and has a particular heart for helping people whose loved one has suicided.