Fee Mozeley

Fee Mozeley is a community organiser and facilitator. She has worked with both government agencies and NGOs on a range of issues including urban forestry, community health impacts of particle pollution and sustaining community engagement. She has worked on biodiversity projects to measure the impact of green spaces in urban settings on wellbeing. She has worked as a human rights and social justice advocate, with newly resettled refugees, primarily from the Great Lakes District of Africa through her involvement with the ‘Alliance for Peace’. This NGO has a partnership program that provides housing for victims of violence in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and is also building a network of peer counselling and healing services to address the trauma of conflict. Fee has been a social commentator in a local community newspaper in which philosophical and social components of everyday life are examined and critiqued. Fee currently works with The Change Agency providing program coordination for their Community Organising Fellowship. Fee is committed to working with communities to self-determine and create a healthy and sustainable future.