Jarra Hicks

Jarra Hicks

Saturday and Sunday presenter and workshops

Setting up a community energy project and what it offers regional communities in Australia. Jarra will share inspiring stories and pictures from communities that have set up their own renewable energy projects as a way to bring their communities clean energy, income, new skills, action on climate change, empowerment and more! From witnessing projects from all over the world, Jarra will share what she sees as the unique potential of community energy projects for small, regional communities in Australia.

Jarra has a professional background in community development, campaigning and renewable energy. She studied Development Studies at the University of Newcastle and in 2009 completed Honors research that focused on grassroots renewable energy projects as effective responses to climate change using innovative economic practices.

Jarra is a co-founder and Director of the Community Power Agency, motivated by the power that everyday people are engaging to make real contributions to the sustainability of their communities.  Jarra spent two years as the Project Coordinator of Mount Alexander Community Wind in Central Victoria.  She has also co-founded and worked for a range of community organisations and social enterprises, from food to energy, advocacy to banking.

In 2010 and again in 2012 Jarra completed study tours of community renewable energy initiatives in North America and Europe and spent time as a volunteer renewable energy policy advisor in Delhi, India. Jarra is also currently a PhD Candidate at the University of New South Wales.  She is researching the potential for community energy projects to contribute positive social, economic and environmental outcomes for regional communities in Australia. Her research focuses on community engagement, social enterprise models and diverse economic arrangements that community energy projects use.

Jarra was born in the Manning valley and her family has lived in the Manning and Gloucester area for three generations. Her other life passions involve riding bicycles, growing food gardens, making ceramics and dancing.