Jessica Harwood

Saturday workshops:  1: Sustainable Storytelling with     Art. 2: Sustainable Storytelling with Cartoons

Do you have a story to tell or a vision of a sustainable future to share through visual images or written words? This workshop will allow you to put some of your ideas down on paper through art. You don’t need to be an artist to come along, you just need an idea or a willingness to explore the subject matter with your own creativity

Jess is an artist and lawyer who currently works with Humane Society International as a Biodiversity Project Officer, working on conservation campaigns for predominately threatened marine species. In the past she has worked at NSW Farmers Association as an outreach officer and has volunteered for the Environmental Defenders Office in Sydney. She has always done art and has run art workshops for those suffering anxiety through Laneway Learning in Sydney and has presented at events such as the Victorian Facilitators Network and for Sydney City Council during Mental Health Week.