Kerry Grace

Sunday Webinar:

Why does ‘what matters’ matter?
Join Evolve Network’s Director, Kerry Grace for 30min online presentation about what really matters – and why it matters.  After working in and alongside the community sector for over 12 years Kerry noticed that while people easily aligned to their ‘problems’ or ‘issues’ (i.e. what is wrong with them) they are very rarely encouraged to think outside of the ‘fix it’ model and even less likely to think about what life could be like it is was really enjoyable.  Kerry started asking people what matters most to them and discovered it’s a potent question to ignite an inspired community conversation.  Join Kerry to discover why ‘what matters’ really does matter and how to lead the life that really matters to you.

Kerry Grace, Director Evolve Network Australia.
Throughout the past twelve years, Kerry has crafted a business (Evolve Network) which carries a brand that is synonymous with an ethical approach, reliability, entrepreneurship and creativity.  These qualities are reflective of Kerry and her unquenchable passion for her work.

Known for her strengths in ‘getting things done’, Kerry has been exploring the role of the ‘enabler’ over the past few years whilst honing her skills as a coach. She is now immersed in a learning community of thousands, learning a multitude of skills to better help her clients to live lives that truly matter to them