Petra Liverani

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a group founded in Melbourne in 2006 by a group of people including engineers who were concerned about Australia’s lack of plans to respond to climate change. In collaboration with the Institute of Energy Research, Melbourne University, their research showed that we are a country most blessed with wind and solar and that commercially available, affordable technology already existed that could harness these abundant resources to meet all our energy requirements, assuming that most energy was electrified, including transport, and that we became more energy efficient. The research definitively busted the myth that we need coal to provide baseload power. BZE is developing six plans to show how Australia can go to zero emissions: 1. Stationary Energy (2010); 2. Buildings (2013); 3. Land Use: Forestry & Agriculture (2014); 4. Transport: High Speed Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane (2014), Electric Vehicles (early next year), General Transport; 5. Renewable Energy Superpower (this month); 6. Industrial Processes (next year).
Captivated by a presentation of the straightforward and feasible 100% renewable energy plan given by Beyond Zero Emissions at the Climate Summit in Canberra in 2009, Petra soon joined the Sydney branch of the organisation. As a volunteer, she has helped to co-ordinate the branch, present BZE’s plans, man stalls and generally get the word out that we can indeed get to zero emissions and that we need to get there as quickly as possible.