Susanne Rix

Saturday Workshops: 1: A deeper look at the science, impacts, and solutions to the climate crisis. 2:  Examines the changing climate in our region, and highlights actions that we can take to protect our future

2014 was the hottest year in recorded history. A year of wild unpredictable weather and extreme fires.

Al Gore and his Climate Action team have been developing information material to influence leaders and citizens to take action on climate change before it is too late.

While Governments are slow to take action – much has been happening in science, in business and in the community to build a sustainable future.

This presentation using the latest multimedia material takes a deeper look at the science, impacts, and solutions to the climate crisis.

There are reasons for hope.

Susanne Rix is a Climate Leader, with the Climate Reality Project and was trained by Al Gore, the Chairman in 2014. Susanne is equipped to lead your group to a deeper level of knowledge about the issue.

“Help us solve the climate crisis. Believe in the power of your own voice.” Al Gore

Susanne is a behavioural scientist and environmental educator.
She has consulted to governments and corporations on sustaining behaviours that protect individuals from stress while at the same time developing creative strategies for change and innovation.
Author of Superworking:  How to achieve Peak performance without stress. Simon and Schuster
Susanne is now focused on environmental education. In particular how we can build sustainability from our own actions as well as our political voice and to create a more sustainable community, country, future for our children.
During the workshop she will provide a demonstration on how we can have a greater influence at the ballot box to ensure our politicians hear our concerns