Virpi Barrett

Saturday and Sunday Workshops: Starting the Australian first community owned renewable energy retailer.

Enova Energy was established to answer two questions: how to reduce carbon emissions and where does the money from energy business go to? A solution was developed to help the local community to reduce their emissions and to capture the business and the benefits within the local community.

This workshop reveals how the model works and takes you through the first part of the Enova journey with its ups and downs. We will talk about the challenges and lessons learned as well as the future steps and the connection to other groups wanting to do the same.

Virpi Barrett is the Commercial & Risk Manager of Enova Energy. She has an extensive experience working in management and coordination roles with energy consultancy and trading companies in Finland, Germany and Australia. She has also been strongly involved in volunteering for not-for-profit organisations like CLEANaS and Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment in Newcastle. She enjoys many kinds of outdoor adventures together with her husband and one-year-old daughter, as well as three dogs that complete the family.