Gloucester Valley

Why this, why now

Creating positive social change for everyone through a strong community.

We know that rural communities, like Gloucester, face big challenges. Many services in rural communities are stretched. Looking after our young and older people is challenging. Unemployment, affordable housing and low incomes are a problem for many of us. The economy is changing as the mining boom is ending, and new industries and skills are needed for future prosperity.

With challenges come opportunities – our beautiful environment is healthy and well loved by locals and tourists. We have a community that is rich in knowledge and skills. We are a resilient bunch of people who have handled challenges before drawing on our innovation and other strengths.

We invite you to join in this not to be missed event. Please join this community-led and widely supported exciting conversation – and action – about building the future of our town and our region – a prosperous, socially inclusive, fair and ecologically healthy community in our beautiful part of the world.

The Gloucester Sustainable Future Convention is an opportunity for residents, businesses, social entrepreneurs, farmers and other interested people to start a community-wide conversation about how we can create the sort of place we all dream of living from our community’s strengths.

We will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from a variety of expert presenters and learn from each other;
  • Explore the concept of what is a ‘sustainable future’, and what a Sustainable Gloucester and region might look like in 2030;
  • Identify what tools can be used to progress a prosperous, fair, healthy and environmentally sustainable community;
  • Consider different ways of creating prosperity while meeting social need and environmental health;
  • Hear about successful community projects and social enterprises that work both locally and further afield.

There are many different ways that all people can be involved. Stay tuned to find out more.