Arlene Stapleton

In the era when synthesizers were born and popularized, Arlene composed many songs and soundscapes for local albums, including her own album “Take Flight” which she debuted at the Melbourne Rainbow Festival.

This album is composed of atmospheric songs, influenced by a growing awareness of spirituality and ecology in Australia.

Sound Healing -Playing in meditation groups and by hospital bedsides, Arlene has used her intuition and knowledge of sound and music to bring peace and soothing, nurturing feelings from her heart to the heart of those listening.

“The vibration with the wood in the harp and the many strings all ringing at once feels like you’re traveling into another world.”

 Arlene has added the healing of her voice with “Vocal Toning” to this beautiful harp sound, both vibrating through ones body with healing and love. This beautiful instrument also gives a “Sound massage” – the harp soundboard is held against the body enabling the soundwave from the plucked strings to travel through the body, healing the tissue.

“The harp and soothing voice are wonderfully effective for people experiencing illness and end of life. The harp is the most resonant instrument of all instruments as the plucked strings vibrate freely.”

Arlene also creates the possibility of the patient playing the harp. She has a harp tuned where only harmony notes are present, so no playing experience is needed to create beautiful sound.

Coupled with a pure, sustained human voice being focused to the body, it is an experience of healing and inner peace.

WORKSHOP: The Science of Sound Healing

Arlene will share with you her wonderful musical talents and healing through sound with her beautiful harp and singing voice. This workshop will demonstrate how we can enhance the quality of life through passively hearing and feeling vibration.  Coupled with a pure, sustained human voice being focused to the body, it is an experience of healing and inner peace.

This fascinating and empowering knowledge, along with discussion about the amazing “Messages from water” book by Dr. Emoto, will inform participants about the incredible effects of sound, music and emotions on water. Our bodies are mostly composed of water!  Experience a new appreciation for the therapeutic and uplifting power of music through the soothing sounds of the harp. 

Being that my workshop was on the “Science of sound healing”, I just wanted to add this amazing link for a scientific visually documented proof of healing through the power of sound, thought, and feeling.