Clair Deen

Clair Deen is a young enthusiastic Gloucester local, who has been building  a Bespoke Catering business over the past four years. She is a community minded person, passionate about the development and growth of Gloucester’s future. She is an integral part of the Gloucester community, volunteering and lobbying for changes to move the community forward, through her involvement in Sustainable Futures 2015, Young Rural Women in Business, River to River pathways and Gloucester Economic Development Group.

Clair aims to build and contribute to the local community through business development within the tourism industry and by connecting with a large network of like-minded people, bringing bright ideas to Gloucester.

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

with Sam Green, Sharon France, Clair Deen, Natalie Simshauser, Michalie Fry

A New Dawn for Women is emerging right now!

Connect with the pick of the bunch, five diverse women who value business beyond dollars. We will be collectively building on our knowledge, nurturing networks, tackling the thorny issues and brainstorming how to grow connected communities.

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