Dr Glenn A Albrecht

The Symbiocene: A Vision for the Future

The Anthropocene, or period of human dominance over nature must give way to the Symbiocene or period of human re-integration with nature. Australia produced a radical thinker who published the following thought in 1946, “The courageous decision to build civilization into a symbiosis with a revitalised world, possessing stable, healthy soil, clear streams, unburnt forests and dust-free air, with people working on the land, close to reality, would bring new balance and new life.” That thinker was Elyne Mitchell, famous as the author of the Silver Brumby series of horse books for children, less so for her prescient book, ‘Soil and Civilisation’ (1946). I propose a number of Symbiocene principles, based on symbiotic science, that will bring Mitchell’s vision into reality, all of them consistent with Australia Remade and especially part 2, a natural world for now and the future. I also outline the kind of emotional literacy that humans need to love nature and life. We must move away from the age of solastalgia and into the age of ‘eutierria’ or good Earth feelings.