Dr Virginia Reid

Dr Virginia Reid is an experienced GP from Newcastle and a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA).

Dr Reid now works in Newcastle. She worked for 10 years in central Australia in remote communities as a district medical officer and with RFDS. Has also done numerous country NSW locums the latest  at Cobar where the temperature was 36 degrees at 7am in the morning and 48 degrees after a days work. The  experience of the distress that global warming is causing and not knowing how best to help has engendered some pretty interesting conversations with agriculturalists and miners alike!

DEA was founded in 2001, and has a simple mission; ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’.
We use compelling scientific evidence to demonstrate the vital role of clean air and water, biodiverse natural places and a stable climate, in maintaining health and well being for our species. We raise the alarm and act when public health is threatened by environmental problems such as climate change, air pollution, fossil fuel impacts and deforestation. A national Scientific Advisory Committee of acknowledged scientific experts supports DEA’s work. We are independent from political parties and corporate donors.

Of particular interest to us recently has been the EAT-Lancet commission report, which presents a “global planetary diet”, healthy for both people and planet. It brought together 37 experts from 16 countries in various fields of human health, agriculture, political sciences and environmental sustainability to develop global scientific targets for healthy diets from sustainable food production. Discover and discuss with us the report’s key messages, and how we can all contribute to the Great Food Transformation.

WORKSHOP: Climate change is a public health issue. Exploring  a diet that is healthy for people and planet

Co-Presented by Dr Virginia Reid and Dr Michael Schien

We present some of  the scientific data on climate change and its impacts on human health in brief! 

Climate change is a  public health issue impacting health already in several important ways. What can be done?

Where to go for resources to back up this statement and find out more.

Learning a bit more about EAT, its resources and how we can apply the concept of a planetary diet that is good for all,  to our local environment.

British Dietetic Association Sustainable Diet Guidelines
Creating A Sustainable Food Future
Food Planet Health: Lancet Commission Summary
FactSheet: Diet, Health and Sustainable Food Systems