Jai Allison

Jai is a reformed engineer, now busy bringing community back into the conversation about how our society can make the most of the 21st Century. Through a mash-up of action learning, practice-based-research and facilitation Jai works with communities of practice, organisations and grass-roots groups who are creating or responding to disruptive change.

With close to twenty-years of diverse experience working with communities across Asia and Australia, Jai’s honing in on how we can open ourselves up to new ways of thinking about change, how we can better organise to mobilise social movements towards positive futures.

WORKSHOP: Being Human in a Changing Climate

Jai Allison, Jacquie Svenson, Kath Teagle

Do you grieve for a safe climate? Do you ache for a future we can all be hopeful about? If you want to explore the emotional realities of what it means to be human in a changing climate then this workshop is you. You’ll get a chance to embrace your own story, as part of the universal heroine’s journey. Together, we’ll find ways of becoming creative. To understand ourselves and use our emotions as practical tools in nourishing action. We hope to leave this workshop having connected and able to share what we’ve learnt.

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