Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald is a mixed farmer (winter cereals, lamb fattening, sharefarms cotton) near Quirindi in the Liverpool Plains of Northern NSW.  Understanding and mitigating the risks to the long-term maintenance of the soils, water, and natural resources that support his agricultural business, local environment and community have inspired his interests and study. Currently a governing member of Farmers for Climate Action, a member of the CSIRO Land and Water Flagship Advisory Committee and the Chairman of Quirindi Care Services Limited, a community owned aged care facility.

WORKSHOP: Farming in a Changing Climate

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The workshop will be built around the knowledge that Farmers for Climate Action has, and activities that Farmers for Climate Action are doing. Our climate is already highly variable, but climate change is leading to shifts beyond this natural variability. The impacts of higher temperatures, fewer frost days, changing rainfall patterns, hotter and more frequent hot days and harsher fire weather pose direct risks to all agriculturally based regions. These risks include changing pests and diseases, heat stress on plants and livestock, reduced water security, disruption to supply chains and the erosion of natural and social capital.

Jim is a farmer from the Liverpool Plains and, together with his experience, will outline some of the background science behind our changing climate and the impacts that are being felt right now. The workshop will cover the aspirations FCA have for our rural and regional areas, and, most critically be asking workshop participants – what are the questions you should be asking yourself, now, to plan and ready themselves and their businesses to a changing climate.