Kath Teagle

Intensively trained Results Coach with background in career planning and workforce readiness, professional development and teaching within school settings. Hands on experience applying coaching skills in business. Strong knowledge of both public and private sector career markets. Direct professional experience in fields spanning education, health, physical therapy, business ownership and management, private investment, visual arts, retail management, trade supply, multi-media and corporate communications.Particular interest in leveraging individual’s strengths toward positive outcomes for empowered futures. 

Passionately involved in doing all possible to support the warriors who are saving the future.

WORKSHOP: Being human in a changing climate

Jai Allison, Jacquie Svenson, Kath Teagle

Do you grieve for a safe climate? Do you ache for a future we can all be hopeful about? If you want to explore the emotional realities of what it means to be human in a changing climate then this workshop is you. You’ll get a chance to embrace your own story, as part of the universal heroine’s journey. Together, we’ll find ways of becoming creative. To understand ourselves and use our emotions as practical tools in nourishing action. We hope to leave this workshop having connected and able to share what we’ve learnt.

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