Leanne Howard

Leanne is a descendant of the Biripi peoples of the mid NSW north coast and resides on Bidjigal country in Maroubra NSW. 

Leanne is a passionate advocate for improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in both her professional and personal circles, with a strong focus on mental health initiatives.

In addition, Leanne was previously the Chair of the Indigenous Engagement Committee at Lockton Companies Australia. Within this role, Leanne worked closely with Reconciliation Australia pertaining to RAP preparation and submission, along with pursuing opportunities for collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives.

Leanne has participated in several Indigenous themed conferences, most recently facilitating a workshop at the National NAIDOC Women’s Conference entitled ‘Suicide Prevention and the Conversations We Need to Have’.

Leanne regularly attends the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) meetings for the Eastern Suburbs area and is an active participant in the Maroubra Bay Indigenous Family Group at Maroubra Bay Public School. These roles enable her to contribute and participate in activities structured around improving outcomes for Indigenous primary school aged children in her local community.

Leanne holds an MBA Specialising in Technology and is currently undertaking a Master of Public Health Specialising in Aboriginal Health and Well-Being through UNSW.

Leanne is soon heading out to the Kimberleys with a film maker to create a documentary on rural aboriginal communities. For more information https://www.chuffed.org/project/crisis-in-the-kimberley

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PANEL: A Just World – Advocating and building a safer, more peaceful and united globe

WORKSHOP: Importance of Place Making on Mental Health

Michael Mannikas and Leanne Howard

Michael and Leanne will discuss the importance of having a sense of belonging to place making and the importance of preservation of historical places and gathering places.

A vital and powerful connection to Country is of major importance for First Nations Peoples and ties into mental health issues including suicide from the effect of being displaced from land.

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