Naomi Hogan

Naomi Hogan is a National Coordinator for the Lock the Gate Alliance. She is passionate about supporting local communities facing destructive coal seam gas, coal mines and fracking projects. She has worked to help empower community action across Australia, mostly in NSW and the Northern Territory. Naomi has a background in science communication.

PANEL: A Just World

WORKSHOP: Climate Justice in Frontline Communities

People who have contributed the least to causing dangerous climate change are the ones already bearing the worst brunt of the impacts. First Nations people, disadvantaged people, women and children are one the frontline of impacts around Australia and the world. And it’s going to get worse.

Water shortages, loss of homelands, heat related deaths and forced migration – this is serious. What can we do about it? How can we be better allies to fight for Climate Justice?

In this workshop, learn more about what Climate Justice means, hear examples of how climate change impacts us differently, and start to make a plan for a fairer future.

This workshop will draw on resources generously shared by the incredible Karrina Nolan of Original Power, plus the legends at AYCC and Seed, Pacific Calling Partnership and Doctors for the Environment Australia.

I would love to share and encourage community financial support for Original Power, who are doing incredible work in the climate justice space in Australia:

And if folks want to sign on to help stop Origin Energy from fracking the Northern Territory, please take the pledge: