Sustainable Futures 2019 Programme  – DOWNLOAD PDF
30th and 31st March, Gloucester NSW 

30 March Saturday 

Registration, coffee and networking

Welcome to Country
Uncle Ken Eveleigh

The Waang Djarii Dancers with Jeremy Saunders

Smoking CeremonyGlenn Jonas and Ken Eveleigh

Walking Together – A First People’s Heart – Ken Eveleigh, Michael Manikas,
Pedda Cody, Leanne Howard, Glenn Jonas, Skye Apthorpe

Australia reMADE vision 
Millie Rooney, Ann Porcino and David Ritter

10.30am  Morning Tea

The future worth fighting for – What it looks like and how do we get it?

• Cooperatives: What they are, why they are Powerful and How to set one upDr Jarra Hicks, Ann Apps and Dr Sidsel Grimstad
• The Symbiocene: A Vision for the FutureDr Glenn A. Albrecht
• Building an Economy that works for People and PlanetDr Amanda Cahill
• Why we need to anchor Australian Democracy in an ‘Ethic of Care’ Sandy Killick
• Developing and Celebrating Cultural Diversity in our CommunitiesKevin Costa and Lara Hoye
• Rural Communities in a time of ChangeHedda Askland
• The Fire and the PracticeAnnie Kia
• Farming in a Changing ClimateJim McDonald
• Importance of Place Making on Mental HealthMichael Manikas and Leanne Howard

12.30pm  Lunch / networking / stalls

The Echo of Young Voices – What are we demanding? How do we take action?  Facilitated by Millie Rooney 
Stacey Mitchell, Maddie Rose Braddon, Ray Jacobs, Manjot Kaur, Anita Jackson, William Bowden, Will Lai and others
3.00pm Afternoon Tea

A Just World – Advocating and building a safer, more peaceful and united globe Facilitated by Dr Joan Staples
Leanne Howard, David Morris, Joanne McCarthy, Naomi Hogan, David Belcher, Alison Rahill, John Watts

4.45 – 5.00pm
A springboard from which to act – Millie Rooney 

6.00pm onwards
Join us for a relaxing, fun evening at Avon Valley Inn function centre and garden (Church St). Catch up, enjoy meeting new people and great conversations.
Dinner and drinks at own cost – all dietary needs can be catered for at the bistro.

Make sure you get your meal before…. Earth Hour!
Every year hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities in over 180 countries take part in this amazing global conservation movement. People do a wide range of things around the hour to show they care about our planet’s future. Millions choose to mark Earth Hour by going ‘lights out’ for 60 minutes at 8.30pm – a symbolic show of solidarity

31 March Sunday

Registration and networking

Active Hope….’Knowing you matter; finding the courage to act’   
An inspiring and uplifting session for all participants!
Ann Porcino and convention facilitators

10.30am Morning Tea

 A new society is emerging right now!! Examples of collective action from the ground up! 

• Telling the Good News Stories of the Energy TransitionNicky Ison, Dr Jarra Hicks, David Marston, Svea Pitman
• Building an Economy that works for People and PlanetDr Amanda Cahill
• Rescuing our DemocracyDr Joan Staples
• Business Women BloomingSam Green, Sharon France, Clair Deen, Natalie Simshauser, Michalie Fry
• Ending Slavery will make the Best Version of ourselves Even BetterAlison Rahill
• Climate change is a public health issue. Exploring  a diet that is healthy for people and planet Dr Virginia Reid and Dr Michael Schien
• PHOENIX – She Rises! Ilze Jaunberzins
• Being Human in a Changing ClimateJai Allison, Jacquie Svenson, Kath Teagle

12.30pm  Lunch/networking/stalls

Making history happen – giving your energy, your ideas and your capacity to the great turning…

WORKSHOPS: Open space workshops for Emerging Ideas
• Australia reMADEMille Rooney and Ann Porcino
• The Mouse that Roared – Gloucester on the world climate stage! David Morris and Julie Lyford
• Climate Justice in Frontline CommunitiesNaomi Hogan
• Community Owned Renewable Energy – Big or Small?Svea Pitman and David Marston
• The Science of Sound HealingArlene Stapleton-Delahenty
• Creating the Best Version of Yourself with MindfulnessSharn Rocco
• Simple Sustainability for Young Families and Educators.
(How To Do Sustainability With Kids!!)
Rachelle Worth
The Lighthouse Permaculture Farm – Choosing PositivismWilliam Lai and Aaron Rowe

Transformation now!  – Ideas into Action 
Bringing everyone together – putting people and planet first!
Facilitated by Mille Rooney and Ann Porcino

3.30pm  Afternoon Tea – safe travels