Samantha Green

Samantha Green established traffic engineering firm RoadCulture in 2010 following successful road safety improvement projects during local and state government employment in Tasmania and Queensland. Navigating a business relocation to New South Wales in 2015, Samantha has cultivated a client base including private developers and community organisations including local government.

Completing a Master’s Degree in Engineering Science in 2006, Samantha’s formative years included the selection by Austroads to represent Queensland on an international study tour. Having supported Engineers Australia’s delivery of three Central Queensland Conferences between 2004-2010, she was pregnant whilst President of the Burnett Local Group and was mentioned by the Governor for assisting the placement of Engineering Heritage Marker Bundaberg Waterworks 1902. As project manager of the 2013 Power of Engineering event, Samantha created a local committee which assembled 70 Grade 9 and 10 high school girls to consider engineering as a career choice.

Passionate about the safety and inclusiveness of our shared road spaces, Samantha’s recent community involvement has included a parking survey for Gloucester Preschool’s expansion, Traffic Engineering course delivery at U3A, and the development of a River to River Pathway advocacy group. Samantha’s commitment to lifelong learning continues as she expects to complete a Bachelor of Training and Development later this year.

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