Blaine Patterson Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Blaine Patterson

Blaine Patterson: Community aspirations to action.

Blaine is the Department of Family and Community Services Participation & Inclusion Northern Community Development Coordinator, working to identify the strengths and needs of communities, opportunities for collaboration, brokering of relationships and coordinating regional partnerships to deliver outcomes with communities.

We do this because meaningful participation:
1. is good for the individual, with evidence showing meaningfully participation leads to healthier, happier and increased likelihood of longevity.
2. builds social capital, thereby creating stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.
3. is good for the economy, as it creates the foundations needed to foster jobs, growth and productivity.
Blaine’s experience has been manly in local and state level government in Australia and Canada, primarily in portfolios of community services, collaborative governance, dispute resolution, planning and environment and economic development. Blaine also worked in the Middle East providing a range of community services for those living in communities of ex-pat compounds.

Blaine’s presentation will focus on how we can take community aspirations and turn them into actions that can lead to positive change and which can transform the way a community approaches issues; the way it develops innovative, collaborative partnerships that may not have been formed otherwise to achieve the actions.