Bob Doyle Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucesterr NSW

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle: Industrial hemp growing opportunities.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons). He was the inaugural Chair of Paterson and Allyn Valley Landcare, a former President and current Committee member of Gresford District Landcare Group and a previous member of the NSW Landcare Working Group (Ministerial appointment).

Presentation title: Industrial hemp growing opportunities in Australia.
The increasing pressure on natural resources is seeing greater awareness and demand for renewable and sustainable alternatives. The potential of industrial hemp has been proven worldwide and is part of a rapidly growing interest and demand for the use of renewable resources in the manufacturing of products which are currently sourced from predominantly non-renewable sources. This shift in focus will only continue as the world’s available natural resource reserves continue to decline and the need for alternatives increases.

The focus of this business is to capture the value from a selected number of the uses of industrial hemp by incorporating the efficiencies in production found in manufacturing products using the entire plant with little or no wastage. The initiative has come from a group of farmers seeking an agricultural enterprise with better returns. Industrial hemp has been grown in the area since 2009 with some of the highest yielding crops in both Australia and the world grown in the district.

In 1999, Bob became the inaugural Chair of (State) Water NSW Coastal Valleys Customer Service Committee, representing all licensed water users on the Coast of NSW, including power stations, coal mines and irrigators. He stepped down from this role in January 2017. Bob is current President of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance. Bob, Susan and their adult children operate a beef cattle/horse agistment enterprise on ‘Eden Vale’ at Vacy, with over 400 head of cattle and 20 horses. Their grandchildren are eighth generation on the farm. The Doyles first grew industrial hemp in 2009.