David Marston Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

David Marston

David Marston: Community energy.

David has 45 years of experience in sustainable natural resource management. His early specialisation was in soil and water conservation in agriculture and then into cropping systems. He has worked in the design, implementation and evaluation of Catchment Management and Landcare programs in Australia. David has been involved in executive management of public programs for research, development and training in these technical areas for the NSW and Federal governments. As an international consultant in the public and private sectors David has worked in community and village development projects in Asia. More recently he has trained technical staff of an international company developing commercial solar and wind farms across Australia in the issues of land management and social impact. David is currently the Chair of Energise Gloucester; an organisation that has been initiated in order to empower the community to develop and run its own locally controlled, environmentally responsible, financially successful renewable energy program.