Joan McCarthy Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Joan McCarthy

Joan McCarthy: Sex is about energy.

Joan is mother of four, grandmother of six and great grand mother of five. She has recently published four books: three on older women and one on sexuality. Joan studied sexuality intensely in Mauii, Hawaii and ancient sexuality in Kunming, China.
Her port folio career includes:
• 30 years as a Health Educator in the Health Department NSW
• 4 years as Health Administrator in the Central Australian Desert
• 30 hours solo flying
• 10 years as a personal carer in Australia and New Zealand
• Presenter at International Conferences on Sexuality in Brisbane and Sydney
Currently Joan is working on her PhD thesis on Sexuality at Newcastle University.

Workshop brief: Sex is about energy.
Currently we could say sexuality is seen as being about bodies, (schools teach about the prevention of STI and unwanted pregnancies yet these are increasing). Whereas Joan views sexuality as being about energy and connectivity. What kind of energy are we bringing to a sustainable future? Energy is about power. How do we get our power? Internally or externally? In this workshop Joan will explore our thinking around power, energy and intimacy (do we touch our phone more that another human?) Remember: life is sexually transmitted!