Kerrie Guppy Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Kerrie Guppy

Kerrie Guppy: Small business in a rural town; Reducing toxins in conservation and land management.

Kerrie is co-founder of Aus Eco Solutions – an innovative conservation and land management business with a team of ecologists and bush regenerators who take great pride in their work to restore native ecosystems with a focus on organic techniques.

With over 30 years of project management, experience in utilities, emergency services, mining and music industries, Kerrie brings vast life experiences. These include a forty year association with Scouts Australia as both a youth member and leader; traveling around the world comparing management practices in Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA; working in ecotourism in Ireland; and leading a technology transfer project alongside orangutans and other wildlife in the jungles of Kalimantan in Indonesia.

Kerrie has a family of four children and is a passionate environmentalist within her rural community.

Kerrie is Youth Engagement Representative for Symphony Of The Earth. Kerrie believes the SOTE vision aligns with her own life purpose to connect people with nature and themselves, along with her personal bold mission to ensure that no native Australian flora or fauna go extinct due to mankind activities by 2070.

Workshop 1: Small business in a rural town: Setting up business in a rural town in the Manning – challenges and successes. After a ten year career in surveying and mapping eventually lead to working for a number of years for a consulting firm specialising in business improvement, Kerrie set up her first solo management consulting business in 1998 in a small rural town Ballan in Victoria’s western region. In 2004 she established Aus Eco Solutions with husband Kristian that quickly grew to over ten employees. By 2015 Kerrie and Kristian had built a successful business that they were able to leave behind in the hands of their employees to follow their dream to move the mid north coast of NSW. Kerrie and Kristian now also operate Aus Eco Landscaping Supplies in Wingham. With the assistance of Lee Fieldhouse from Islands in the Stream Vermiculture they have created a living soil “Wingham Gold” that brings biodiversity back to our soils.

During this interactive workshop Kerrie will share the challenges and successes of small business in rural towns; and there have been many challenges to learn from! Kerrie will explore and facilitate topics such as how to build a sustainable business (including how brands link to natural biological systems); the importance of systems and knowing your numbers (the “crunch”) and flexibility & resilience to be able to overcome the inevitable challenges.

Workshop 2: Reducing toxins in conservation and land management. Reducing toxins in conservation and land management with sustainable tools. Biodiversity is complex. Despite all the global research, the complexity of ecosystems is still not fully understood and never will be. With estimated trillions of microfauna and microorganisms species existing and only 0.03-6.5% being identified we have a long way to go; and this region of NSW includes the highest number of threatened ecological communities by bioregion. What we do know about biodiversity is that the best approach is to protect existing ecosystems.

Kerrie will take you on a journey through this workshop to explore emerging sustainable tools to help us move away from toxins in conservation and land management. This workshop aims to challenge current methods that have a heavy reliance on herbicides and baits and identify economically viable methods that support our wild ecosystems balanced with sustainable agricultural production systems. This workshop will delve into topics such as permaculture and ecosystem sustainability, compassionate conservation, predator friendly farming and case studies using dry and hydro thermal weed control (fire and steam) in areas with critically endangered flora and fauna.