Kirsty Hughes Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Kirsty Hughes

Kirsty Hughes: Finding energy and inspiration to take action in your community.

Kirsty is a coach specialising in helping ‘Earth Warriors’ – those of us who feel an inescapable pull to act on behalf of the planet – to overcome personal challenges, to find peace, to be strong and resilient in the face of global crises, and to be powerful forces for positive change.

Workshop brief: Finding energy and inspiration to take action in your community.
As people who want to act on creating sustainable communities, we can find ourselves feeling ineffective, spread too thin, and overwhelmed by all there is to do. This presentation will discuss how we can find the next right action to benefit both the world around us, and our happiness, leaving you with a sense of connection and purpose. The workshop will guide you to find your inspiration using the framework of Joanna Macy’s ‘Work that Reconnects’. Come along for an enlightening inner journey!

She came to this work through an 11 year career as an environmental manager and educator. She experienced first-hand the toll on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of not having the right tools and support, and now seeks to provide these for others in a similar predicament. She works primarily one on one with people in person or via skype. She lives at Old Bar, and loves hanging out with trees.

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