Lucie Bruvel Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Lucie Bruvel

Lucie Bruvel: Living your ideals, working as a collective and growing a community.

Lucie is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Shepherds Ground farm and village project – creating a new blueprint for the renewal of the rural village. Growing up on a self sufficient small holding in the Hunter, her family grew everything, baked their bread, made cheese and basically all their food. It was a pioneering DIY phase of the 80’s a non sustainably idealistic way of life that inevitably has a used by date.

Workshop brief: Living your ideals, working as a collective and growing a community.
Shepherds Ground Ecovillage and Farm is a unique agricultural based rural village being developed in the Hunter Valley with a warm temperate climate and average rainfall around 1100mm per year. Rarely do ‘ecovillages’ incorporate such a heavy focus on a business model centred on productive sustainable agriculture and with a ‘whole-of-livelihood’ approach and an ethos of long term environmental stewardship. Lucy will walk you through the story and inspiration behind growing this wonderful community.

As an adult she went to France as a teacher and lived in a small rural village for many years. In this village there was the hustle and bustle of an intergenerational community. The farmland was left intact for viable mixed farming. This experience gave birth to the realisation in Lucie, that this was the way humans had lived the longest throughout history – as collectives. There was something profoundly sound about it.
When Lucie came back to Australia she wanted to live close to the land and people. Her social and entrepreneurial edge bit back at the current way society does housing, does nt do the environment and misses out on community and wholesome living. She began researching ways to create another more connected model, similar to a traditional village but in the context of todays world.

In these past three years, Lucie together with a growing group of dynamic folk have raised over $1.5 million dollars and purchased a large property, received DA approval for 30 homes under SEPP 15 ‘landsharing policy’ and have Stage 1 hemp masonry homes under construction.
Watch this space….