Natalie Isaacs Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Natalie Isaacs

Natalie Isaacs: 1 Million Women.

Natalie is the founder and CEO of 1 Million Women, the movement of women and girls who take practical action to fight dangerous climate change by changing the way they live. Natalie is a mother-of-four who ran her own cosmetics company for two decades, before she had what she calls her ‘climate change epiphany’. 1 Million Women was launched in 2009, and under Natalie’s leadership has been built from scratch into a movement of over 600,000 women and counting.

Natalie is a pioneer in the gender and climate change arena in Australia. She is sought-after presenter because of her powerful story for behaviour change. Her own climate change journey from apathy to action cuts through the complexity of this vital issue, and delivers a simple message that resonates with women and girls of all ages.

Natalie’s philosophy for 1 Million Women is that real behaviour change begins with personal action and that women and girls living privileged lives in wealthy nations like Australia can be powerful leaders of change by acting to cut waste and pollution in their own daily lives

In 2013, the United Nations awarded 1 Million Women as one of six women-led grassroots climate action programs – selected from hundreds around the world – to be highlighted as ‘lighthouse activities’ for the planet.