Paula Morrow Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Paula Morrow

Paula Morrow: Optimism and engagement in social movements.

Paula is a facilitator of Change through Communication in small groups. She is a writer and natural therapist in Newcastle. Paula writes both fiction and non-fiction on the themes of philosophy, the planet and health. Workshop brief: Paula will use her experience of writing about protest politics, co-housing, plant and food-based medicine and renewable energy to get us all more engaged, more optimistic and more connected with the progressive movements that surround us. Your input will be valued as we develop on the ground systems and net-working, not just on-screen, so that we can be more effective and have more fun. (There will be a few copies of Paula’s latest philosophical novel, Darwin’s Dilemma: the damage done and the battle for the forests, available for sale.)

Paula’s current vision is to organise small groups to discuss values and philosophy and together act on these through writing, other art forms, and cooperation with enviro groups with the aim of fostering positive action and community, hopefully with humour!

Paula Morrow. Writer, Natural Therapist, Clinical Nutritionist. ND Dip Ac, Dip Herb, Dip Clinical Nutrition (post-grad), BA.M ASA (Aust Society of Authors) M ANTA (Aust Natural Therapists’ Assoc) ph 02 4961 2115 mob 0407 612 115 Eco-writer, Speaker.

Paula’s books:
Darwin’s Dilemma: the damage done and the battle for the forests. A novel based on truth. Philosophical fiction based around a statement that Charles Darwin made. Launched by former leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown.
Life in Time, speculative fiction set on a community in south-eastern Queensland. Here people search for a better way for the planet via meditation and make a big discovery.
Healing Ourselves & Our Planet: the secrets of a natural therapist and environmental activist, available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.