Sam Marshall Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Sam Marshall

Sam Marshall: Making an ethical switch.

Sam Marshall is head of Ethical Switch in Australia, an online platform that ranks companies depending on how ethical they are. Their ethical status is largely dependent on their commitment to renewable energy and divestment from fossil fuels. They showcase key consumer sectors such as energy, banking, superannuation and solar.

Workshop brief: Making an ethical switch. 
Background on Ethical Switch. What we do, how we research our ethical companies, where the money goes and our commitment to enviro NFP’s. We’ll then go through an interactive guide to switching and how to achieve a low carbon lifestyle.

A born and bred Melbournian dad, three years ago Sam was faced with some pretty heavy decisions for his family after his wife of 15 years died of cancer. It made him question a lot of things in his life including whether or not he was satisfied with the contribution he was making to society and the state of the planet he was raising his kids into. It provided him with the motivation to get involved with charities and social enterprise. Sam worked in the charity sector for a while, and then came across Ethical Switch. He now heads up Ethical Switch in Melbourne and pursues his passion for renewable energy and ethics.