Sandy Killick Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Sandy Killick

As a freelance facilitator Sandy Killick works with organisations, teams and individuals dealing with complex problems to find the new ways of thinking and action required. Sandy designs processes to help for-purpose organisations, government agencies, communities and influencers diagnose a problem, analyse the way the system needs to adapt and decide how to grow the new capacity required. As a member of the Common Cause Australia team, Sandy delivers workshops on how values and frames can help campaigners, community organisers and concerned citizens engage cultural values to create a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society. Find out how a values approach can help to build dialogues across the political spectrum by attending an intro workshop at Sustainable Futures 2017.

As Director of Focused Facilitation, Sandy works with for-purpose organisations, government agencies, communities and influencers who are dealing with complex problems, to find the new ways of thinking and action required. 

Three frameworks underpin Sandy’s facilitation practice – adaptive leadership, resilience thinking and values theory. By combining these core theories with her experience of strategic planning, governance, social policy and research, Sandy builds the capacity of organisations to analyse their system and grow the new capacity required.

Sandy is a social scientist with consultancy experience in education, health promotion, human rights and social policy/research/advocacy sectors. Her work with the NSW Ombudsman, NSW Premier & Cabinet, the Asylum Seekers Centre and others, gives Sandy first hand experience of complex, entrenched social problems. She has long term experience as a volunteer Board member for human rights lobbying and environmental campaigning organisations. Presently Sandy is focusing on democracy strengthening projects, from grassroots to national levels. 

You will find Sandy out and about, identifying birds and bugs with her children. She sees the world through a football lens and would love to get better at petanque!

WORKSHOP: Why we need to anchor Australian democracy in an ‘ethic of care’ 

Sandy Killick

In this election year, the health of our democracy is well and truly nailed to our collective radar, domestically and globally. As a social scientist & systems thinker, Sandy Killick is researching a broader sense of democracy, one that means much morethan our political system alone. 

Imagine if the prerequisites for a thriving democracy are the same as caring relationships? If the central focus of our democracy is how we treat each other? If democracy is a skill, how do we develop the skills needed to build communities in which ethical citizens actively care for the most vulnerable? How do we communicate these expectations widely and consistently? How can psychologist Carol Gilligan’s ‘ethic of care’ research shift the democracy paradigm? 

This workshop will explore the key implications of Gilligan’s pioneering research, along with moral philosopher Lenart Skof’s work on democracy as a human value. 

DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP PRESENTATION: Anchoring Democracy in an ‘Ethic of Care’