Sharon Edgar-Jones Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Sharon Edgar-Jones

Sharon Edgar-Jones: Reclaiming and embracing Aboriginal language and culture.

Sharon’s family line is Gringai (Allyn River area) and Wonnarua (Hunter Valley). She acts as a language consultant for Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co op (Nambucca) in addition to working as a Cultural Educator with Murrook Culture Centre (Williamtown).

Workshop brief: Reclaiming and embracing Aboriginal language and culture. 
Sharing aboriginal language and culture, and why becoming an aboriginal language activist is vital for sustainability and understanding of culture.

Sharon is also a “language presenter” on the NITV children’s programme Mugu Kids (Wonnarua Language, season 1 & 2).  Since 2010 she has been actively working towards gaining the skills and knowledge that would enable her to contribute to the revival of both Gathang Language and the Language of the Wonnarua. Prior to 2010 Sharon had so little language knowledge that she was “unable to string a sentence together”.

For the last 10 months Sharon has been sharing/teaching Gathang and Wonnarua languages with approx 150 Aboriginal school students within the respective language group areas and later this month (22nd March) her true objective will be reached when she commences teaching a Gathang Language class for Aboriginal community members residing within Worimi country.