Tracey Farrant Sustainable Futures Convention 2017, 25-26 March Gloucester NSW

Tracey Farrant

Tracey Farrant: Community and Council, working together.

Tracey Farrant is the Community Engagement Officer for MidCoast Council. Tracey has a strong history in rural and regional community engagement. She has worked in local government in both Victoria and New South Wales for over fifteen years and is passionate about councils and communities working in genuine partnership. Tracey sees council’s key role as creating an environment where community takes the lead in creating the future, with council playing a supporting role as needed.

In a world where funding is increasingly scarce, how can council and community work in collaboration to ensure community projects continue to support resilient and sustainable futures? This interactive workshop will explore ways that councils and community groups can proactively work together. We will dig into the needs and challenges of both councils and community groups, discover a broad range of ways that we can support each other, and expand our thinking on relationships between councils and community groups.