Svea Pitman

Svea Pitman is the Acting Manager of Enova Community, the NFP arm of Enova Community Energy, Australia’s first community owned renewable energy retailer. Svea is an Environmental Scientist with a Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering. She has over 20 years experience in environmental activism/campaigning and the NFP sector, working for the Cathy Freeman Foundation, the Queensland State Government and various roles on Palm Island.

Svea lived on the remote indigenous community of Palm Island for nearly 10 years, running the Land and Sea management center and numerous community programs. She was involved in establishing the Cathy Freeman Foundation in 2009 where she then worked in Melbourne as Program Manager for a number of years before returning to the Northern Rivers in 2014 where she promptly joined the Bentley anti CSG Blockade with her children Zara and Ezra, undertaking activist training and a role as Police Liaison.

Svea is also currently the Project Manager for Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby’s (COREM’s) mini hydro power project.

WORKSHOP: Community Owned Renewable Energy – Big or Small?

Svea Pitman and David Marston

Big or small Community Energy is taking the power back for communities all over Australia – come and find out what size fits your community.  Join David Marston, Chair of Energise Gloucester and Svea Pitman from Enova Community Energy to discuss Community Owned Renewable Energy models, innovative projects such as Solar Gardens and Micro Grids, and how to undertake a large scale solar development application.

Find out about the history and projects of Enova, Australia’s first community owned renewable energy company, a social enterprise re-shaping community energy in the evolving electricity market in Australia.


WORKSHOP: Telling the Good News Stories of the Energy Transition

with Community Power Agency (Nicky Ison and Dr Jarra Hicks), Energize Gloucester (David Marston) and Enova (Svea Pitman)

At this workshop, you will hear stories of the transition to clean energy that is being led by communities across Australia. It’s happening right now and it’s exciting! Through this workshop you will gain skills, information and confidence to be an ambassador of this good news story, to help inspire more people to hope and action.

The workshop is led by the Community Power Agency, a not for profit organisation that supports communities to participate in and benefit from renewable energy. They are joined by members of Energize Gloucester (Gloucester’s own community energy powerhouse) and Enova (Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer).

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