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The Gloucester Sustainable Futures team would like to extend our deep gratitude to everyone involved in the incredibly successful  2019 convention. 

To the Waang Djarri dancers, all presenters, participants, hosts, technicians, teachers, volunteers, caterers, stallholders, friends, sponsors – thank you sincerely for your time, energy, commitment, spirit and generosity in ensuring the weekend was the most positive and inspirational gathering we have had the pleasure to host.

With you, the momentum for social change and a future shaped around the nine pillars of Australia reMADE is where we are heading – in fact it is already such a strong ethos within our communities.
Keep growing the important connections and inspiring and purposeful conversations. Encourage the community change-making ideas to keep flowing. 

How uplifting it was to experience so many people being the ‘best version of us’. Please ‘pay forward’ the knowledge, networks and connections you made – like the ripples on the pond, flowing out into the ocean, to reach distant and unknown shores.. 

Thank you. 
Gloucester Sustainable Futures team 2019

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Leanne Howard, Skye Apthorpe and Glenn Jonas [Photo: Nikki Michail]

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Our 2019 Presenters

Dr Glenn A Albrecht

WORKSHOP: The Symbiocene: A Vision for the Future

The Anthropocene, or period of human dominance over nature must give way to the Symbiocene or period of human re-integration with nature. Australia produced a radical thinker who published the following thought in 1946, “The courageous decision to build civilization into a symbiosis with a revitalised world, possessing stable, healthy soil, clear streams, unburnt forests and dust-free air, with people working on the land, close to reality, would bring new balance and new life.” – READ MORE

Millie Rooney

MC: Australia ReMADE; Echo of Young Voices
WORKSHOP: Transformation NOW: Ideas into action

Millie is the Coordinator for Australia ReMADE and had the privilege of listening to people around the country speaking of what it would mean to live in the Australia of their dreams. She is in awe of the passion and power that emerges when we start collectively dreaming for the world we want. – READ MORE

David Ritter


David Ritter is the Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Sydney Democracy Network at Sydney University, a research affiliate of the Sydney Environment Institute and an honorary fellow of the Law Faculty at UWA. – READ MORE

Ann Porcino

FACILITATOR: Australia ReMADE, Active Hope
WORKSHOP: Transformation NOW: Ideas into action

Ann has been the Director of RPR Consulting since its inception in the late 1990s.  She is a passionate, practical, expert change maker. She combines strong skills in strategy, organizational development, peer counseling and facilitation with her deep knowledge and commitment to engaging people in bold conversations about the critical issues of our time. – READ MORE

Dr Amanda Cahill

WORKSHOP: Building an Economy that Works for People and Planet

What would an economy that works for both people and the natural world look like? What are communities around the world doing to make sure that the benefits and costs of economic activities are shared fairly while still regenerating the environment on which we all depend?  – READ MORE

Kevin Costa

WORKSHOP: Developing and Celebrating Cultural Diversity in our Communities

At Gloucester High School Kevin developed and established the first Gloucester Multi-cultural Festival. These events featured visits by students from the Miller Intensive English Centre who, through powerful community drama performances, told the stories of their lives while connecting with the local community, living with local families and experiencing life in rural Australia. – READ MORE

Dr Joan Staples

WORKSHOP: Rescuing our Democracy

ReMADE Australia declares Pillar 8 to be ‘A Thriving Democracy’ with an inspiring vision of engaged citizens, ethical leaders, a vibrant and diverse parliament, great media and creative public debate.

During the early 20th century, Australia led the world in democratic reforms – the secret ballot, votes for women. But now, Australia is slipping down Transparency International’s Corruption list, and sits at 13th place. Civil society wants to stop this corruption slide. – READ MORE

John Watts


John Watts retired from legal practice in mid-2017 after working in Sydney for many years as a barrister and before that, as a solicitor. John and his wife Sue moved to Gloucester a few years ago whilst John continued to work part-time. 

On several occasions John was a member of an Australian Bar Association team, teaching advocacy skills to young Bangladeshi lawyers. He was a also an accredited advocacy teacher with the Australian Advocacy Institute and a part-time lecturer in law at Western Sydney University. – READ MORE

Julie Lyford

WORKSHOP: The Mouse that Roared – Gloucester on the world climate stage!

As a former registered nurse, local councillor and mayor, Julie is committed to the core values that build progressive and resilient societies. Her priorities are sustainable, liveable communities with fair, transparent and trustworthy political processes.

Julie has board and decision-making experience with Hunter Councils, Regional Development Australia (Hunter), Mid Coast Water, Upper Hunter Arts, tourism, youth and economic development committees. She is convinced that community wisdom and networking can effect corporate and political change at regional, state and national levels. – READ MORE

Michael Manikas

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart
WORKSHOP: Importance of Place Making on Mental Health

Michael’s interest is in Indigenous engagement involving the establishment of an Indigenous program of events, establishment of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as well as working with numerous members on their RAP’s – READ MORE

Hedda Askland

WORKSHOP: Rural communities in a time of change

Hedda is a social anthropologist who works at the University of Newcastle (NSW). She is the Project Director of the Centre for Social Research and Regional Futures and Deputy Director of the Centre for 21st Century Humanities.

Hedda’s research centres on questions of exile and displacement, home, identity and belonging. She has explored these phenomena as they transpire within transnational, translocal and local contexts, working with refugees and asylum seekers from East Timor living in Australian metropolitan centres and mining affected rural communities in New South Wales. – READ MORE

Jim McDonald

WORKSHOP: Farming in a Changing Climate

Experts are easy to find – they’re called locals.
The workshop will be built around the knowledge that Farmers for Climate Action has, and activities that Farmers for Climate Action are doing. Our climate is already highly variable, but climate change is leading to shifts beyond this natural variability. The impacts of higher temperatures, fewer frost days, changing rainfall patterns, hotter and more frequent hot days and harsher fire weather pose direct risks to all agriculturally based regions.

David Morris

PANEL: A Just World
WORKSHOP: The Mouse that Roared – Gloucester on the World Climate Stage

David is responsible for the delivery of EDO NSW’s public interest environmental legal services. He spent four years practising public interest environmental law in the Northern Territory focusing on legal issues related to mining, gas, water and cultural heritage. – READ MORE

Arlene Stapleton

WORKSHOP: The Science of Sound Healing

Arlene has been composing and performing professionally as a singer/songwriter since 1982, inspiring solo performances and with various bands/support bands; including support for Renee Geyer and Russell Morris.

Having studied and played classical/flamenco guitar and piano, in 2006 Arlene added a new instrument to her love of playing – the harp.

 From this, a new era of musical expression led Arlene to explore another aspect of her music –  Sound Healing. – READ MORE

Sandy Killick

WORKSHOP: Why we need to anchor Australian democracy in an ‘ethic of care’ 

Imagine if the prerequisites for a thriving democracy are the same as caring relationships? If the central focus of our democracy is how we treat each other? If democracy is a skill, how do we develop the skills needed to build communities in which ethical citizens actively care for the most vulnerable? How do we communicate these expectations widely and consistently? How can psychologist Carol Gilligan’s ‘ethic of care’ research shift the democracy paradigm?  – READ MORE

Annie Kia

WORKSHOP: The Fire and The Practice

Annie has strong faith in collective intelligence. With threats to our life support systems and to democracy, she believes we need to deepen social movement know-how, so that a great many of us hold it, and strengthen it, together. – READ MORE

Joanne McCarthy

PANEL: A Just World

Joanne McCarthy is a senior journalist with the Newcastle Herald who has worked in regional newspapers for nearly four decades. She won the Graham Perkin Award as Australian Journalist of the Year for 2012, the Gold Kennedy Award in 2013 as NSW Journalist of the Year and the Gold Walkley Award in 2013 for reporting on institutional child sexual abuse that contributed to the establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. – READ MORE

Naomi Hogan

PANEL: A Just World
WORKSHOP: Climate Justice in Frontline Communities

Naomi Hogan is a National Coordinator for the Lock the Gate Alliance. She is passionate about supporting local communities facing destructive coal seam gas, coal mines and fracking projects. She has worked to help empower community action across Australia, mostly in NSW and the Northern Territory. Naomi has a background in science communication. – READ MORE

Ken Eveleigh

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart

Elder Uncle Ken Eveleigh is a Gloucester NSW Traditional owner and Knowledge holder of Worimi/Gooreengai. Ken has been employed with NPWS for the past 17 years, was awarded an Outstanding Professional Service Award 2011 (Canberra A.C.T Bushfires Civil Action Team) and was nominated for the Australian of the Year in 2014. Ken is a father of 10 children and has spent time with the Elders of Uluru to learn the knowledge of Men’s Business and traditional customs and also with the Elders in Southern areas of NSW and Lake Victoria. – READ MORE

Dr Jarra Hicks

WORKSHOP 1: Telling the good news stories of the energy transition
WORKSHOP 2: Cooperatives: what they are, why they are powerful and how to set one up

Jarra is the co-founder of the Community Power Agency, a not-for-profit worker’s cooperative that supports communities to participate in the renewable energy transition. She is motivated by the power that people are engaging everyday to make real contributions to the sustainability of their communities. She has co-founded and worked for a range of community organisations and social enterprises, from food to energy, advocacy to banking. – READ MORE

Jai Allison

WORKSHOP: Being Human in a Changing Climate

Jai is a reformed engineer, now busy bringing community back into the conversation about how our society can make the most of the 21st Century. Through a mash-up of action learning, practice-based-research and facilitation Jai works with communities of practice, organisations and grass-roots groups who are creating or responding to disruptive change. – READ MORE

Jason John


Jason is a half time Uniting Earth Advocate, working for the Uniting Advocacy team in NSW/ACT.
His focus for 2019 is Climate Change advocacy with and within Uniting and the wider church, and in the lead up to the Federal election with the wider community. – READ MORE

Leanne Howard

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart
PANEL: A Just World
WORKSHOP: Importance of Place Making on Mental Health

Leanne is a descendant of the Biripi peoples of the mid NSW north coast and resides on Bidjigal country in Maroubra NSW. 

Leanne is a passionate advocate for improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in both her professional and personal circles, with a strong focus on mental health initiatives. – READ MORE

Nicky Ison

WORKSHOP: Telling the good news stories of the energy transition

Nicky Ison is a Founding Director of the Community Power Agency, a Research Associate at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney and a Strategist at Climate Action Network Australia. She is an acknowledged leader, expert and commentator in the fields of energy policy, community energy, and energy market reform.

Nicky has spent over fifteen years working and volunteering in the climate and clean energy sectors, including helped to found five organisations.  – READ MORE

Pedda Cody

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart

Pedda was born and raised in the Biripi nation and has been working with Taree Indigenous Development and Employment Ltd (TIDE) for the last three years as an Aboriginal Ranger under the Working on Country (WOC) Program funded by the Australian Government. WOC Ranger teams operate from Karuah, Gloucester, Forster and Taree undertaking natural resource management works for a range of clients across the Mid North Coast.

Pedda has recently been appointed to the position of WOC Operations Supervisor. As a fully licenced drone operator Pedda has also been appointed as Chief Remote Pilot for TIDE’s drone services trading as Gilayn-Manday Aerial Services.

David Marston

WORKSHOP: Community Owned Renewable Energy – Big or Small?
WORKSHOP: Telling the Good News Stories of the Energy Transition

David Marston is the Chair of Energise Gloucester. This is an organisation that seeks to empower the community to develop and run its own locally controlled, environmentally responsible, and financially successful renewable energy program. David brings to this position skills in project development and management together with experience in the solar, wind and biogas technologies. – READ MORE

Mayee Warren

PANEL: A Just World

Mayee is a resident of the beautiful Gloucester Valley. Until her retirement in 2014, Mayee was a global justice professional having served over 12 years in senior positions in various Offices of the Prosecutor: she was Chief of Cabinet at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands; Director of Legal Operations at the Special Court for Sierra Leone in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Chief of Evidence at the International Criminal Tribunal in Arusha Tanzania and Kigali, Rwanda.
Prior to her overseas postings she held senior positions at Australian offices of global corporate law firms. – READ MORE

Manjot Kaur

PANEL: Echo of Young Voices

Manjot Kaur is a 17 year old student leader for climate action from the rural town of Mudgee, NSW. She has been a key organiser of the School Strike 4 Climate and spoke at the Sydney rally in November 2018. She is also a founding student council member of Climate Leaders – a new campaign led by young people around Australia to find political candidates who can run for office and represent the youth and fight for their future, including a vision for climate action. Manjot plays a key role in organising the council group, developing outreach and communication materials, and as a spokesperson for media and events. – READ MORE

Alison Rahill

PANEL: A Just World
WORKSHOP: Ending Slavery will make the best version of ourselves even better

Alison is a specialist in anti-modern slavery activism in Australia.
She is currently the Executive Officer of the Anti Slavery Task Force of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and has recently convened its successful Ethical Sourcing Seminar and Expo.
Alison works with business owners, industry representatives, faith leaders and congregations, community services, NGOs, public sector agency staff and first responders to collaboratively build community Outreach capacity for social inclusion, crisis and legal support. – READ MORE

Maddy Braddon

PANEL: Echo of Young Voices

Maddy Braddon is an energetic young woman dedicated to climate justice and building community connectedness. Her approach to change making stems from a growing understanding that we all share common experiences and skills that unite us in the face of adversity. Maddy works part-time with the Lock The Gate Alliance, was part of a dynamic network of people that established Lismore Helping Hands, a grassroots community-led recovery effort after the devastating 2017 floods there. – READ MORE

Dr Virginia Reid

WORKSHOP: Climate change is a public health issue. Exploring  a diet that is healthy for people and planet

Virginia will Co-Present with Dr Michael Schien.
Virginia is an experienced GP from Newcastle, NSW. She worked for 10 years in central Australia in remote communities as a district medical officer and with RFDS. Her latest locum was at Cobar where the temperature was 36 degrees at 7am in the morning and 48 degrees after a days work. The  experience of the distress that global warming is causing and not knowing how best to help has engendered some pretty interesting conversations with agriculturalists and miners alike!

Anita Jackson

PANEL: Echo of Young Voices

My name is Anita Jackson and I am 14 years old. I have grown up in the shadows of the Rocky Hill Coal Mine just 800 metres from my house. I presented to Judge Brian Preston during the GRL merits appeal hearing on why climate change should be considered in the decision. I am interested in our future and how sustainability and global warming should help us make decisions for the best of our planet. I am currently in Yr 9 at school and enjoy drama, math and am interested in the nutritional benefits of growing your own produce.

David Belcher

PANEL: A Just World

Deputy Mayor of Lake Macquarie City Council, Councillor David Belcher has worked widely in disability support and advocacy and understands the need to build inclusive communities where all members are valued and have an opportunity to contribute. Along with his role on LMCC David is the Executive Officer of Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) whose focus is on building the peer movement for people disability in the Hunter and providing them with voice, choice and control. – READ MORE

Lara Hoye

WORKSHOP: Developing and Celebrating Cultural Diversity in our Communities

Lara is an amateur stingless beekeeper and mad chicken lady. She lives in Forster with her ever-tolerant husband, chickens, bees, and two dogs.
Growing up in Canada, she developed with a strong passion for inclusion in communities. This passion led her to volunteering in South Africa working with South African National Parks training people from the local communities to be English speaking nature guides in the parks.

She moved to Australia for love and continued this passion for inclusion here. Lara is a member of the Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees and Treasurer and Forster Region Co-coordinator for Home Among the Gum Trees NSW Inc. – READ MORE

Dr Michael Schien

WORKSHOP: Climate change is a public health issue. Exploring  a diet that is healthy for people and planet

Michael will Co-Present with Dr Virginia Reid
Dr Michael Schien is a Newcastle GP with a background in rural medicine, and an interest in the links between health, lifestyle and the environment. He has a small farm on the Mid North Coast.
Michael is a members of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA). DEA has a simple mission; ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’. We use compelling scientific evidence to demonstrate the vital role of clean air and water, biodiverse natural places and a stable climate, in maintaining health and well being for our species.

Stacey Mitchell

PANEL: Echo of Young Voices

Stacey a 23 year old activist interested in alternative lifestyles and community living. A traveller inspired by traditional medicines and natural remedies, currently in the process of bringing lived experience in communities founded upon sustainable philosophies to the wider community. Maybe swap the last community with society actually.

Jacquie Svenson

WORKSHOP: Being Human in a Changing Climate

Jacquie Svenson is an environmental lawyer with 25 years experience in community environmental change making. She has been an environmental lobbyist in state parliament, environment advisor to a Federal Senator, an environmental research assistant, a lawyer at the NSW Environmental Defenders Office, and initiated and convened Climate Action Coogee 2006-2008 leading to the Climate Protection Bill being tabled in Federal Parliament, and was a volunteer campaigner with the Wilderness Society (WA Branch) for most of the 90s leading to the protection of most of Australia’s south west forests. – READ MORE

Rachelle Worth

WORKSHOP: Simple Sustainability for Young Families and Educators
(How To Do Sustainability With Kids!!)

Rachelle Worth is the creative Early Childhood Teacher, Kodaly trained children’s MUSIC Specialist, Bush Mentor and Outdoor Educator, Storyteller and a NPWS Tour Guide behind RawEarth Enviro Education (REEED).

REEED is a unique “Take Me Outside Nature Play Philosophy based Education” program for families with children under 12. Being conducted as Workshops / Playgroups / School Holiday creative art sessions and Consulting programs, all are based around Environmentalism, Sustainability, Threatened Species & Habitat Protection. – READ MORE

Ray Jacobs

PANEL: Echo of Young Voices

I have lived in Gloucester for my entire life, the eldest of 7 children and 5 of my siblings are long term fostered and adopted. Growing up in this beautiful town, my amazing parents opted to offer care and support to many kids from DOCS and family services. My parents chose to help because we live in such a beautiful place and we want to share it. Not just the beautiful landscape but the community that is Gloucester.

Ray completed school and an apprenticeship in Gloucester, studied at TAFE and now runs the family building business. Ray and his father give back to the local community by building projects that are needed. – READ MORE

Ilze Jaunberzins


With forty years nursing experience within the Australian public health system including clinical practice, education, middle management and quality management Ilze has codesigned and facilitates NeuroPlus© Leadership Development through her practice PowerMind Leadership.

Passionate about social issues and supporting independence and self determination, Ilze was involved for 3 years in the management committee of the Tweed Valley Women’s Service. Witnessing the transformation of women and children who were successful in escaping domestic violence to create new positive futures is the catalyst to be part of the Wollumbin Family Support Board. Harnessing the power and goodwill in our community is central to the vision of WFS to foster support for everyone to be safe and to experience respectful caring relationships. – READ MORE

Sharn Rocco

WORKSHOP: Creating the best version of yourself with mindfulness

Sharn Rocco (PhD) is an acclaimed meditation and mindfulness practitioner and teacher. She has been designing and leading mindfulness-based personal and professional development courses and retreats in Australia and overseas for more than a decade. Twice scholar-in-residence for the Garrison Institute NY, Sharn has published research and magazine articles on the practice and effects of meditation and mindfulness for specific populations. She is committed to making the benefits of mindfulness practice available to people in rural and regional Australia to nurture their resilience, humor and camaraderie. When she is not travelling, Sharn calls Nowendoc and Magnetic Island home. – READ MORE

Natalie Simshauser

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

As a rural woman (wife, mother, daughter-in-law), teacher and wellbeing coach, Natalie brings her hands on experience of all things that influence the lives of families to the table. Born and raised in South Africa, Natalie obtained her Bachelors degree at the University of Witwatersrand.

She left South Africa having met and married an Australian farmer based in Forbes, NSW. Here she was able to see first hand the issues that affect families through her employment at Centacare where she worked in a community development and counselling role, and furthermore, in her capacity as a yoga teacher. – READ MORE

Samantha Green

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

Samantha Green established traffic engineering firm RoadCulture in 2010 following successful road safety improvement projects during local and state government employment in Tasmania and Queensland. Navigating a business relocation to New South Wales in 2015, Samantha has cultivated a client base including private developers and community organisations including local government.

Passionate about the safety and inclusiveness of our shared road spaces, Samantha’s recent community involvement has included a parking survey for Gloucester Preschool’s expansion, Traffic Engineering course delivery at U3A, and the development of a River to River Pathway advocacy group. – READ MORE

Glenn Jonas

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart

Glenn Jonas was born in Allworth 65 years ago. Allworth sits on the Karuah river where the fresh water meets the salt water. As a proud Worimi man, Glenn says ” that’s our country, that’s our home. I have always had an attachment to the land and the rivers. As an Aboriginal Ranger, working on my country is a dream come true for me. County inspires me. Glenn works with TIDE (Taree Indigenous Development and Employment service)

Glenn is also an accomplished artist and has held exhibitions of his stunning indigenous artworks. – READ MORE

Sharon France

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

Sharon fills most other waking hours as a sustainability advocate. She works closely with the Stop Adani movement, using her skills to address design and communications needs. She has designed a wide variety of materials for other groups working in the climate change/sustainability space, including Farmers for Climate Action, the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Climate and Health Alliance, Green Music and The Next Economy—often on a pro bono basis. – READ MORE

Svea Pitman

WORKSHOP: Community Owned Renewable Energy – Big or Small?
WORKSHOP: Telling the Good News Stories of the Energy Transition

Svea Pitman is the Acting Manager of Enova Community, the NFP arm of Enova Community Energy, Australia’s first community owned renewable energy retailer.

Svea is an Environmental Scientist with a Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering. She has over 20 years experience in environmental activism/campaigning and the NFP sector, working for the Cathy Freeman Foundation, the Queensland State Government and various roles on Palm Island where she lived for nearly a decade. – READ MORE

Skye Apthorpe

PANEL: Walking Together – A First People’s Heart

My name is Skye Apthorpe.  I’m 27 years old and I have 3 children. I have lived on and off in Gloucester for 19 years. I have always been a freak for global warming and trying to do better for the world and now being older with children of my own it causes me great concern. In order to develop a sustainable future that works for all life, we must build it on a foundation of higher consciousness and awareness. – READ MORE

Clair Deen

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

Clair Deen is a young enthusiastic Gloucester local, who has been building a Bespoke Catering business over the past four years. She is a community minded person, passionate about the development and growth of Gloucester’s future. She is an integral part of the Gloucester community, volunteering and lobbying for changes to move the community forward, through her involvement in Sustainable Futures 2015, Young Rural Women in Business, River to River pathways and Gloucester Economic Development Group. – READ MORE

Michalie Fry

WORKSHOP: Business Women Blooming

Michalie is passionate about the planet and sustainability. She aims to live her life close to zero waste.

A background in law and community volunteer work brings her unique perspective to both the Sustainable Futures committee since 2017 and her new business venture, iota. 

Michalie has a permaculture design certificate (2017) and lives on a beautiful communally owned property outside of Gloucester.

William Bowden

PANEL: An Echo of Young Voices

William Bowden is a 16 year old Year 11 student at Gloucester High School. He started his schooling at St. Josephs Primary School in Gloucester. He has been enrolled at Gloucester High since then.

Will is a proud member of the Gloucester community & is fully supportive of events such as the Sustainable Futures Convention which has been held in Gloucester for the past few years. – READ MORE

Dr. Sidsel Grimstad

WORKSHOP: Cooperatives: what they are, why they are powerful and how to set one up

Sidsel is a lecturer and Director of New Postgraduate Programs in the Newcastle Business School. She is the Program Convenor for Australia’s only degree in co-operative’s organisation and management taught online at the University of Newcastle. She has also been involved in research on how extractive industries affect tourism businesses in Gloucester. Sidsel is currently working with a team of researchers funded by Common Equity NSW to look at the future of co-operative housing in Australia. She is also interested in how co-operatives and commons provides better solutions to eco-innovation. – READ MORE

Ann Apps

WORKSHOP: Cooperatives: what they are, why they are powerful and how to set one up

Ann Apps is a lecturer in the Law School at University of Newcastle Law School and is also the Law School’s External Engagement Coordinator. Ann has been a member of the Law School staff since 2010. She currently teaches Contracts, Corporate Power and Social Responsibility and Co-operative Law and Governance. She has previously practised as a solicitor in regional New South Wales and has experience in property, commercial law and civil litigation. – READ MORE

William Lai

WORKSHOP: The Lighthouse Permaculture Farm – Choosing Positivism

I was looking for a way to simplify my life because i knew that my lifestyle  wasn’t sustainable, i wasn’t thriving (neither was most people around me actually). 
I knew the impact i had on the world was immensely bigger than what met the eye. What could i do about it ? For me who worked in childcare (literally with the future generation of people who will populate this land), how could i justify my unsustainable and wasteful lifestyle? – READ MORE

Kath Teagle

WORKSHOP: Being Human in a Changing Climate

Intensively trained Results Coach with background in career planning and workforce readiness, professional development and teaching within school settings. Hands on experience applying coaching skills in business. Strong knowledge of both public and private sector career markets. Direct professional experience in fields spanning education, health, physical therapy, business ownership and management, private investment, visual arts, retail management, trade supply, multi-media and corporate communications. – READ MORE

The Waang Djarii Dancers – left to right Kaelen Saunders, Keelyn Davis, Jesse Shilling, Jeremy Saunders – others not in photo are Lilly Saunders, Faith Saunders, Leonie Morecombe.
Photo courtesy of Sean Ploder